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Here are some examples of projects I have worked on.

August 2018

Forest Management Plan for a territorial government department – 16,000 words

July 2018

Endorsement to a $300,000,000 credit agreement between a consortium of global banks and a major oil company.
2,600 words

Annual report of a community health centre

June 2018

Lawyer’s website – 5,000 words

Blog content, several ongoing projects, about 5,000 words per week

Purchasing specifications for naval fire control equipment – 49,090 words

Airline Pilot training manual – 92,000 words

February 2018

Study on control of vegetation under high voltage power lines – 15,000 words


Regulations on water treatment plants – 25,000 words

Annual report for an African forest management agency – 15,000 words

Contract for installation of airport instrument landing system – 2,800 words

Mine operating procedures manual – 80,000 words

Marketing brochure for an in-die tapping device

Specification for a 430 Teraflop Supercomputer – 37,000 words

Specification for a 40MW stator coil for a hydroelectric power plant – 18,000 words

Patents – 14,000 words

Geological survey reports for subway infrastructure – 25,000 words

Health and Safety Report for a space satellite manufacturer – 8,000 words

Specifications for an x-ray inspection system for aircraft engines – 8,000 words

Contract for supply of high voltage capacitors to EDF (Électricité de France) – 8,000 words


User manual for hospital human resources management software – 11,500 words

Environmental study and specifications for cross-Channel (Britain <> France) electricity power line – 53,000 words

Specification and contract for drydocking and winterizing of a ship – 18,000 words

Specifications for refitting a ship – 16,000 words

Annual report of a major government department – 45,000 words


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