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Blog Content is Important for your Business

One of the services I provide is translation of blog content from French into English. Maintaining an active blog is important for small business growth these days. Business owners often have difficulty seeing the need and think they are too busy, but in today’s business climate an active blog can be vital for business health. Here are some tips why a blog is important for your business and the benefits it can provide.

Give your business a human face and voice

When potential customers find your website you don’t want your business to convey a faceless impersonal image. Yet many websites do just that. A blog tends to be written on a more personal level than other content on the website and can make visitors feel more at ease. By keeping content fresh and regularly contributing to the company blog your visitors will feel more of a connection with you and your company. New content will engage them and keep them interested. Those who sign up for updates will not be lost when they click away. Considering how hard it is to get visitors to come to your website, valuable content that they want to keep informed about can be a great boost to your business.

Control what is said online about your company

When people want to find out about your company they will do a search. Comments made on Facebook, Twitter and other blogs will come up and there is little you can do to control what is said by others about your business. One thing you can do, however, is respond to any issues quickly on your own blog. In addition, by keeping your blog supplied with fresh content those postings will be more likely to come up first when someone searches. This can be a great help to controlling the online message about your company and its services.

Get more traffic

People these days use the internet as their first resource to find a product or service. You want your company to be found when they are looking for what you have to offer. A static, unchanging website will drop off the search engine’s results, while a website with fresh and relevant content will be more likely to show up. Regular posting to your company’s blog, with a 400 or 500 word article once a week or so, can go a long way to helping your website be found by search engines. With very little cost involved it is one of the surest ways of bringing in more business.

For translating your French language blog posts into English, feel free to send me an email or go to the Contact Me page. I would love to help you grow your business with fresh online content.

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