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Some comments from my clients:

“We absolutely recommend working with John. Communication with him was smooth and effective and quality work was delivered in good time.” – Tradophenia Ministry of Languages

“I work regularly with this colleague (I’m a French/Italian translator). He is reliable, responsive, speedy and patient. I do recommend him.” – Patricia Festa

“Very professional” – Jean-Pierre JumezEDIT France

“Professional service and excellent quality.” – Fluent Translations

“Good reliable work.” – Ulysse Translations

“Enjoy working with him!” – BLI Translations

“A fine professional translator, with excellent technical knowledge” – Languages for Business Centre

“Great translator. Deadlines and quality always respected.” – Scripto Sensu

“Mr. Fossey is an highly professional, being able to estimate precisely his effort and delivered first class quality. His support in the Hydro Project was very appreciated.” – Roy Kamp

“Thank you for your fast and accurate work!” – Exito Vertaalbureau

“Fast and reliable. Dealing with John has been smooth and pleasant.” – Frederik Reinbold

“Punctual to deadlines and quality work. Great to work with.” – US Translations

“John is very diligent, accurate and responsive. It was a pleasure to work with him and we recommend him highly.” – World Translation Center

“John provides excellent work and is reliable. We’re looking forward to working with him again.” – Asiatis Translation Agency

“Very good. professional and reliable translator” – Agad Traductions

“Reliable, professional, great communication and on time. I can highly recommend him.” – World Translation Center

“John’s assistance in providing translation services from French into English was invaluable and right on time. A very professional vendor” – Williams Language Solutions

“Highest quality, always at your service and an indispensable translator” – Bohemian Dragomans

“Good translator, fast, flexible and competitive prices.” – Summit Works Translations

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